Jesus declared that the church would be built on the foundation that he is the Christ, the Savior of the world and further that the church so built would overcome all the power of the Enemy. Quite a different situation to what we see now.

This church is the expression of Jesus in his people. It is Jesus as his people, incarnate in them and manifesting as them. His church is the Eve who comes from the side of the new Adam.

This church is entirely of the Spirit and not at all of the flesh. It was planted by Jesus and not by the Evil one, which is to say that it is the church of the sons and daughters of God. It is Galatians 2.20 writ large in Believers as a whole because they have been put to death in Christ to rise with him as the one new man, or the man who is one in Christ.

Such a church is an expression of the Spirit of Christ and not of the flesh of man. It is not hierarchical, not political. It is a creation of the Spirit and not of the letter and it grows from our place in God and not from a position in the knowledge of good and evil. It is an entirely new covenant church because it is Christ our life.

Ron McGatlin describes the basis and contours of this church in the following article.

Keith Allen