DEL631The result of the Fall was the separation of the sons of God from the fellowship with Father. Father never abandoned human beings and worked continually for our reconciliation – the union that would be achieved in the AT-ONE-MENT (The cross). I mean the union the Holy Family progressed to achieve on our behalf. This ‘separation’ was more  guilt and a suspicion arising from the seed sown by the Father of Life and our putrefying soul life rather than Father’s alienation from us. This helps to a  more complete understanding of the meaning tares, the sons of God and the sons of the Evil One.


‘Since by man came death.’ Here we may think of death not only as the decay of relationships and the eventual death of our bodies. It is the experience of the death of the dormant spirit, the death of the soul, deadness to life and a gnawing insensibility to the love and trustworthiness of our Father that results from separation. It is also the effect of separation from the light.

He alone can never die, and he lives in light so brilliant that no human can approach him. No human eye has ever seen him, nor ever will. All honour and power to him forever! Amen’ 1 Tim 6.16 NLT. But you have approached Him and indeed live in fellowship with Him in the person of Jesus seated beside our Father.


Separation is accompanied by a misinterpretation of Father’s passion to secure our belongingness and the joy of our company. We may interpret His interest in us as control or a pained exasperation at our lives. But when Jesus’ soul and spirit is aglow with deep satisfaction in Martha’s home as Mary seeks Jesus for Himself, we are seeing Our Father and Holy Spirit in their joy in nourishing our being. At that stage of her journey Martha was living from her misguided interpretation of God. Mary was pressing into God’s rendition of God. Martha was living out separation and attempting to earn union and Jesus was delivering union by embracing them both where they were.

The persons of the trinity conspired to secure our eternal belonging: The divine conspiracy. When Jesus cried ‘It is finished!’ the separation between God and man was finished for good. Our roles as co-labourers with Jesus is to aid people to enjoy the belonging that is already theirs.


In the beginning, the Enemy had contrived to sow seeds of distrust into Adam’s heart. It was intimated that Father was withholding something of Himself; that He was ‘pulling a swifty’ and confining us to a lesser self, to a puny state of being by not being open about Himself and The Tree.

Satan did not reveal to the Pair that knowing good and evil would come at a huge cost – to the trinity and to ourselves. He did not know that the seeds of distrust and separation that he fomented would eventually result in ‘Christ in you’ and the dwelling of the trinity in us. Neither did he see that his plan of separation and degradation would result in the incredible and mysterious union of Father with His sons and daughters. This is a union described by J. Baxter Kruger as ‘Jesus uniting human life, the life of God, the life of heaven and earth in Himself.’

As suggested, this separation was always more on the side of humanity than an attitude of God. Having disobeyed God, The Pair became aware of their nakedness in His presence. Not only were they physically nude but their finite nature was exposed and they were intimidated. Their guilt made them paranoid – so paranoid that when Jesus came AS LIFE to bring at-one-ment and life without limit they (we) put Him to death.


But so much for all the religious talk about God not being able to ‘look on sin.’ God in Christ entered into and was active at the core of man’s most depraved act – the crucifixion of the Christ of God. Here’s the truth: When life appeared among them humans put life to death. But in entering in to this death Jesus turned death into life.

It was from within this hub of iniquity and death that Jesus turned the cross on its head. He exploded sin and death from within. He instigated the new creation of the human race from inside the murder of God.

From this seed that was cast into the ground, our life and the life of the new creation sprouted anew in great force and certainty. After the resurrection Christ came in the flesh of every individual. In you and I and all who believe God in His fullness would dwell. He would multiply His Fatherhood as sonship into their being. He would multiply sonship according to the plan that had been in place before the foundation of the world.


When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ separation was finished. When the curtain between the holy and most holy place was ripped from top to bottom, separation between man and God was done for. When Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost Father, Son and Holy Spirit made their home in human beings. No separation now.

In his novel, ‘Patmos,’ J Baxter Kruger has the characters say,

“There is only one battle.”

“One?” I asked, curious. His eyes flashed, and he looked straight at me.

“Union or separation,” John said definitively… I knew to the core of my soul that we had arrived at the heart of everything. I could see it in his face and in the way he held his head.

This is “The truth of all truths [is] Jesus [John continued]. “Jesus in his Father and us in him. Without Jesus, what do you have?”

“Not much, I reckon. Just ourselves.” [I replied]

“Ourselves and ideas of separation from God,” St. John declared in his most authoritative apostolic tone. “Listen, young Aidan.” And as I did, I felt that my world was about to be shattered. “The assumption of separation is the great darkness.” [1]

Sadly many live in the great darkness of separation as if it is light. Separation is standard religion in many places. Separation is the abode of the law-monger and the addict of religion. In this illusory mindset many live in the presence of God as though they are contained and separated in the presence of themselves. They live like goldfish in a fishbowl of religion while surrounded by the presence of God. But here’s the truth. There is no goldfish bowl and the presence is in them!

[1] Kruger, C. Baxter. Patmos: Three Days, Two Men, One Extraordinary Conversation (Kindle Locations 1225-1227). Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.